Urban roads

In its service delivery record, S.A. Paulista has an important portfolio of achievements in the urban roads segment, where it has contributed to improving the conditions for traffic and passenger transportation.

One of the highlights in this area of expertise was the remodeling of the Ibirapuera Corridor, one of the most important vehicle traffic arteries in the southern zone of the city of São Paulo. The works, which included the construction of stations for passenger boarding and disembarkation, provided greater fluidity to the urban bus traffic flow and a consequent reduction in travel time.

Another important project in the S.A. Paulista portfolio was the extension of Avenida Radial Leste, the main link between the eastern zone and the central area and southern zone of the city of São Paulo. This involved the implementation of the road system for the new 12-kilometer stretch, the construction of five viaducts and three underpasses and building a canal to contain a stream.

The company also participated in the works of Lot 1 (Section A) of the Northwestern Metropolitan Corridor, in the municipality of Campinas (São Paulo state), and built a 7,500 m2 terminal for passenger boarding and disembarking. In addition to enabling the public transport users to travel faster and in more comfort and safety, the project facilitated the integration of urban bus services with the other transport systems in Greater Campinas.

Chucri Zaidan – Laguna bridge

São Paulo municipal government – Construction and services for the extension of Avenida Chucri Zaidan, including implementation of the Burle Marx road complex for access to Avenida Helena Pereira de Moraes, via a bridge over the River Pinheiros.

Itaquera Road Complex

Construction and services for implementation of the road development program in the vicinity of the Corinthians Arena, in the eastern zone of the city of São Paulo.

Campinas Bus Corridor

Implementation of the installations and road systems that comprise Section A of Lot 1 of the city’s Northwestern Metropolitan Corridor (São Paulo state).

Radial Leste (SP)

Implementation of a road system for a 12-kilometer extension of Avenida Radial Leste, in the city of São Paulo, involving the construction of five viaducts and three underpasses, as well as channeling a stream and carrying out complementary services in neighborhoods within the area.