Highway Infrastructure

Road building, extending and renovating are activities that are indelibly linked to the history of S.A. Paulista, a company for which, ever since it was founded, in 1951, implementing road infrastructure projects has been one of the main areas of expertise. The company's own path is therefore closely connected to the evolution of the national road network, which, over the years, has become the country’s main channel for freight and passenger transportation.

Having participated extensively in that expansion, growing along with the sector itself, S.A. Paulista combines its pioneering experience with a permanent commitment to technological innovation.

That expertise, grounded in knowledge and a constant searching for original solutions, is one of the major competitive advantages of S.A. Paulista, which has in its portfolio work on some of the most important road transport infrastructure projects in the country, such as the construction of the Imigrantes, Anchieta, Marechal Rondon, D. Pedro I, President Castello Branco, Anhanguera, Bandeirantes and Raposo Tavares highways, all in the state of São Paulo.

The various projects that have been carried out, such as implementation and paving of a section of the second lane of the Comandante João Ribeiro de Barros highway (SP-294), duplication of the BR-101 highway, in Rio de Janeiro, and the recent duplication of approximately 40 kilometers of the Euclides da Cunha highway (SP-320), in the municipality of Fernandópolis and restoration of a 21-kilometer stretch of the Aparicio Biglia Filho highway (SP-281), between Itararé and Itaporanga, all reaffirm the company's vocation for carrying out major highway projects.

BR-101 highway

DNIT (National Department for Transport Infrastructure) – Duplication and restoration – BR-101 highway, stretch on the Pernambuco/Alagoas state border – stretch at the junction with the AL-110 (to Arapiraca), on the Alagoas/Sergipe state border – segments between Km 212.32 and Km 248.50, on the Alagoas/Sergipe state border.

Stretches duplicated using Portland cement.


Restoration of the road and shoulders, paving of the shoulders and improvements to the Pongai – Cafelândia – Guarantã – Júlio Mesquita stretch of the SP-333 highway, between Km 232.40 and Km 295.50.

Duplication of the Tamoios highway

Works and services for duplication of the Tamoios highway (SP-099), between Km 11.5 and Km 60.5, in the state of São Paulo.

BR-101 highway

Duplication and construction of special structures along 26 kilometers of a stretch of the BR-101 highway that provides access to the port of Sepetiba (Rio de Janeiro state).


Implementing and paving of 31 kilometers of a second lane for the Comandante João Ribeiro de Barros highway, between Bauru and Marília (São Paulo state), including infrastructure for junctions and return.

Padre Manoel da Nóbrega highway

Recovery and resurfacing of a 13-kilometer stretch of the Padre Manoel da Nóbrega highway, between Praia Grande and Mongaguá (São Paulo state), including the construction of four footbridges and restoration of four bridges.

Ribeirão Pires

Restoration of a 16-kilometer stretch of the Deputado Antonio Adib Chammas highway, between Ribeirão Pires and Paranapiacaba (São Paulo state).


Restoration of a 56-kilometer stretch of the Professor Alfredo Rolim de Moura highway, between Mogi das Cruzes and the Tamoios highway (SP-99), including infrastructure for junctions and return.


Repairs and Improvements on SP-270 (Raposo Tavares Highway), from km 357.1 to km 373, including widening of the stretch between km 357.1 to km 372.72.