S.A. Paulista


Knowledge, reliability, excellence, safety – those are just some of the fundamental values that S.A. Paulista offers its clients when carrying out engineering and construction projects. To meet those requirements, the Company employs highly qualified professionals who are dynamic and able to develop solutions that are both innovative and specially tailored to the most varied needs.

Throughout its 60-year track record in business, S.A. Paulista has ranked among the most important companies in the sector, through a combination of sound management and agility in service delivery.

The Company’s range of specialized skills is extensive, with acknowledged expertise in fields such as highway, urban and airport infrastructure, building hydroelectric power plants, channeling water resources and upgrading motor racing circuits.

With its commitment to business ethics, transparency in its relations with contractors and long-term vision, S.A. Paulista develops its operations on the basis of the principles of sustainability, with respect for the environment and contributing to the social and cultural development of the communities where it operates demonstrating its strong sense of corporate responsibility.